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March 15, 2012


Hakon Gunnarsson

Dear Carl,

I attended your performance yesterday at the Federation of Trade & Services. Thank you Carl!! It was my second time - I also was at Kronborg in September. The message you gave to us here in this country was very appropriate. How we should think differently and move ahead. Context is King! The same message my collaborator within the Icelandic geothermal cluster, Michael Porter has put it: "It is not question about being the best, there is no such thing. It is question about being unique" A life long jazz fan and trumpet player I will bring my instrument with me next time. I hope you and your heroic wife have had a good time in Iceland. All the best. Hákon


Thank you Hákon for your kind words. It was a great pleasure to attend your session and to share with you both music and hopefully useful insight. Iceland is a wonderful place. More people should visit!

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